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Toilet Overflow Cleanup for Residential and Commercial Discharges

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Toilet Overflow Information

What I do:

  • My work involves small and medium toilet overflow cleanup.
  • Compared to competitors my prices are low.

Eddie Evans

Toilet overflow cleanup usually involves removing "brown water" or "black water," depending upon the contents of the toilet when toilets overflow; when a toilet overflows from a sewage discharge, then it's more than a toilet overflow, it's a sewage cleanup job.

The two big differences between a typical toilet overflow cleanup and a sewage cleanup these:

  1. Toilet overflows do not always include a sewage discharge. Unlike a sewage discharge, a toilet overflow results from a one-time or repeated use of a plugged toilet. Sometimes objects within a sanitary sewer causes sewage backup into and beyond a toilet.
  2. Sewage discharges frequently include a toilet overflow. A sewage discharge may begin in pipes below a structure.

Toilet Overflow Cleanup

Typical toilet overflows without sewage backup issues involve what we call "black water," I know that I'm going to charge $350 for the first hour of labor because of black water.

It doesn't matter if it takes me 10 minutes or 60 minutes to clean up. I'm going to charge a minimum of $350 out the door for Long Beach work. This amount includes my first hour of labor.

I'm not expending $350 worth of energy, chemicals, or equipment in an hour. It's what goes behind the sour, behind my first hour labor we have three vehicles for which I must pay maintenance, insurance, as well as gas and unforeseen expenses. I have my business expenses that include many websites like this one for advertising. Without these websites my clientele would not find me. Then there's business insurance as well as a bond.

Besides its infectious nature, a feces cleanup has certain social and cultural stigmas attached to it. Since recorded history we've known that those people involved in any sort of feces cleanup were placed on the lower social hierarchy. Most often slaves attended to this task but many times household servants to the deed. Does the stigma add to my price? Probably not. I bring it up because it should be brought up.

Consider to that finding another service for my rates is very difficult. The maid service will not even look at a toilet overflow let alone attempt to clean the feces up.

Feces cleanup should be done with patience and forethought. With about 15 years experience in the business, I believe I have both of these to complete sewage cleanup task within the requirement of sewage claims and such. Most often homeowners insurance does not come into the picture when I do feces cleanup because insurance companies tend to ignore the need for facies cleanup, unless water damage accompanies waterborne feces. The difference between the sewage cleanup and toilet overflow cleanup are quite different.

In the case of either, migrating fluids to rooms beyond a rest room create a need for structural dry out and sometimes. In this case we have a water damage dry out and this will come under homeowners insurance.

So it's a good idea to call your insurance adjuster to check on your homeowners insurance for such events. Most likely sewage cleanup resulting from a sewage backup and structural damage to a home will invoke homeowners insurance. A typical toilet overflow cleanup reaching the soiled conditions in adjoining rooms to the bathroom may not invoke homeowners insurance. In either case, where black water's concerned, property damage will occur whenever carpet is contaminated.

Family heirlooms like precious rugs can be restored, but only after many hours of hard labor. Using the Sun during Long Beach summers gives us great drying conditions; the Sun also helps to disinfect materials. In such cases we cannot say that the contaminated rug "ever becomes the contaminated." We can say that it's been cleaned repeatedly and any odors brought under control.



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Need to Know

Three categories for water cleanup:

  1. Clear water enters buildings through faucets without contamination from wastes. This is a basic water cleanup, "water damage restoration" or structural dry out. Requires carpet dry out. while a mild disinfectant may be applied.
  2. Brown water enters buildings from waste water like urine polluted toilet water, wash machine and dish washer water. This may include water damage restoration or structural dry out., and should include disinfection. Carpet and carpet padding may be saved with thorough cleaning and dry out.
  3. Black water enters buildings from toilet backup containing feces as well as sewage backup from within, below, or above building. Black water intrusion requires water and feces removal, thorough cleanup of soiled areas, and disposal of soiled carpet and carpet padding. Black water intrusion creates serious health risks if not attended.


I must charge a basic fee, which changes with time and distance to Long Beach sites and time of day because of traffic.

I charge by the hour, but sometimes I choose to charge by the job because of its nature. For example, I know beforehand that I'm going to charge a minimum of $350 cash for a toilet that's full of human feces. I know that I'm going to charge $700-$900 for bathtub that's full or nearly full of human feces.

Most Long Beach water cleanup efforts in warm summer months require little dry out. effort.

Not a biohazard

We should keep in mind, at last, at least, that toilet overflow cleanup is not the same as biohazard cleanup. Many people believe that human feces constitutes a "biohazard," which is not correct. Only when human feces has blood in it do we consider it a biohazard; hence, a Long Beach cleanup becomes a Long Beach biohazard cleanup when human blood resides in a toilet overflow.

Like an apartment where there’s a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. People see that and they want the same for themselves, a bigger house with different rooms for everything. They can’t have all that so they get the big necessity, a toilet. —SHEIKH RAZAK, slum toilet builder, Mumbai



  I also serve the following cities: Anaheim, Bellflower, Buena Park, Cerritos, Cypress, Downey, Hawiian Gardens, La Palma, Long Beach, Lakewood, Norwalk









Biosafe - Bonded - Insured for toilet overflow cleanup

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Any water directly from a toilet or sewage system containing feces is called "black water" because of its infectious nature. Over 6,000 known viruses lurk in human feces. Hundreds of millions of bacteria reside in human feces.

Sewer pipes below a structure are part of the sanitary sewer that connects to all pipes from waste water like toilet water, bath water, sink, and washing machine drain pipes. A structure's sanitary sewer leads to a common sanitary sewer located below streets and lead to a community sewer plant.

I do small toilet overflow cleanup as well as small structural dry out. work. I'm a small business owner and have no relationship to franchises.

George, Rose. The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters . Henry Holt and Co.. Kindle Edition.